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Typical courses make you watch 40+ videos with some being an hour long & can take weeks to fully complete. My course was designed to give you a complete education in a fraction of the time of others training programs.
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I've removed all the extra "talk" and pointless rhetoric to give you the real meat and potatoes! Get the necessary information you need to get started, grow, and turn a fun hobby into a profitable business.
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My course is priced with YOU in mind and will save you the $100+ that the others charge! You can use that savings to buy some much needed tools and software to get your business started TODAY!
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You Get The Essential Information You Need For A Quick Start! Why Waste Your Time Watching Never Ending Videos When You Can Be Out Taking MASSIVE ACTION To Grow Your Business? Learn Faster, Start Sooner, Profit Quicker!
  •  Learn About The Tools, Software, & Equipment You Need To Get Started Today!
  •  Learn How To Read & Analyze The Data So You Can Make The Best Buying Decision!
  •  Learn Where To Source, How To List & Price To See Profits In Less Time!
Start Earning $1,000's Every Month Selling Used Books!
It may sound CRAZY but regular folks (just like you) are making a nice side &  even full-time income selling used books on Amazon. If you have ever want to start an online business this is the perfect opportunity. Books are widely available and can be purchased at such a low cost; even given away for FREE! They are sometimes looked at as a burden...people just want them gone! Pair that with the incredible return on investment that is built into books and you have a recipe for a amazing revenue generating business!  
An Actual Book I Sold For Almost $400.00!
I Paid $1.75 & Profited $328.39 On This One Book!
Course Overview:

Structuring Your Business

Setting up you Amazon account and creating a foundation for how you will run your new business.

Tools, Equipment, & Software For FBA Sellers

The tools of the trade. What you need now and what you should get later as your sales and inventory increase.

Understanding The Scouting App Data

Lots of time spent in this section so you fully understand how to read the scouting app data. 

Where To Find Books & Build Profitable Relationships

Where to start looking for books and how to take your book sourcing to the next level. 

Analyzing Book Buys - The Good, The Bad, & The Risky

Live scouting and data reading as I walk you through how to analyze buys. 

Conditioning Books - Basics & Strategy

Basic conditioning and strategy you can employ to get more positive feedback. 

Listing & Shipping - Seller Central & Inventory Lab Tutorial

How to list and ship through Amazon seller central or in Inventory Lab.

Pricing & Repricing For More Sales

Pricing effectively and when to reprice so you get more sales. 

Understanding Amazon Fees

A review of all Amazon fees that you must know before you start selling. 
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